Ines Minguez

Basic info

Name: Ines Minguez



Research Centre for the Management of Agricultural and Environmental Risks (CEIGRAM-UPM)
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Agrónomos
Technical University of Madrid (UPM)
28040 Madrid -- SPAIN
tel: +34-91 452 4900 ext 1928 ; +34 609466388

Academic career
Full Professor (1991-) Technical University of Madrid (UPM)
Associate Professor (1985- 1991) University of Córdoba, Spain
Lecturer (1981-1985) University of Córdoba, Spain
Professional Appointments:
    o Deputy Director of CEIGRAM-UPM (2013-2014 and 2017-present)
    o Director of CEIGRAM-UPM (2014-2016)
    o Deputy Vice-Rector for Research at UPM (2008-2012)
    o Seconded National Expert; European Commission (EC), DG-Research, Brussels (2005-2007)
    o Visiting Professor Joint Centre for Crop Innovation, The University of Melbourne, Australia (2004-2005)
    o Visiting Scientist, The Grassland Research Institute, Berks, UK (1982-1983)

 Doctorate in Agriculture Engineering, UPM., 1981
 Agricultural Engineer, UPM, 1978
 French and English Language Certifications. French Baccalauréat (Bac C, 1972).

Consulting work
International Organisations
Member of the Governing Board of the EU Joint Programme Initiative Food security, Agriculture and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) since 2015
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management ( ISARM) 2015-2016
Member of the Advisory Group Societal Challenge 2 and LEIT Biotechnology in H2020 DG-Research and Innovation, H20202 (2013-2015)
Expert for the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) European Commission DG-RTD (EU and Member States) Representing Spain (2009-2011)
Member at the Steering Committee for Human Resources and Mobility. (European Commission, DG-RTD) Spain (2008-2010)
Member of the Editorial Board of Australian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, CSIRO publishing, Australia (2005-2009)
Member of Scientific Committee for 10th ESA Congress European Society for Agronomy, 2008
Member of the Panel of Experts for EU Energy Facility, DGDEVCO, and Manager of INCO projects in DG-Research, European Commission, 2005-2007

National Governments and Institutions
Member of the Evaluation Board for Selection of Post-doctoral positions in the Juan de la Cierva Programme (2016)
Member of the Committee for Engineering and Architecture of the Andalusia Regional Agency for Evaluation and Certification for Bachelor, Master of Science and PhD Studies (2008-2015)
Advisor to the Ministry of Science and Innovation for International Programmes and EU Programmes, 2008-2011, Spain
Member of the Editorial Board of the Spanish Journal of Agriculture, INIA, Spain (2000-2004; 2014-present)

Research projects
 18 competitive projects, incl. 5 international; 5 projects with private companies.
 Manages ca. 1.6 M € / year as Director of CEIGRAM of grants, plus 150,000 € of operating budget

Supervision work
 7 doctoral dissertations, 1 on-going
 Various end-of-degree works and Master’s thesis.

Publications and research areas
     85 published references, including 37 refereed journals and 10 book chapters.
 11 invited Conferences papers to European Soc. for Agronomy, NATO, and International Fed. Operational Res. Soc., among others.

      Research areas: rainfed systems and water use efficiency; grain legume crops, crop simulation, climate variability and change: impacts and adaptation, irrigation requirements, projection uncertainties; yield gap analysis.

The research papers have received over 300 citations excluding self-citations. Some of the papers are the following:
- Díaz-Ambrona, C.H. and Mínguez, M.I. 2001. Cereal-legume rotations in a editerranean environment: Biomass and Yield Production. Field Crops Research, 70: 139-151.
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- Ruiz-Ramos M., Sánchez E., Gallardo C. and Mínguez MI. 2011. Impacts of projected maximum temperature extremes for C21 by an ensemble of regional climate models on cereal cropping systems in the Iberian Peninsula. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Vol 11: 3275–3291. doi:10.5194/nhess-11-3275-2011.
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