Rosa Carabaño

Basic info

Name: Rosa Carabaño


Name: Rosa Carabaño Luengo

About me:

• Agricultural Engineer, UPMin 1982. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).
• PhD in Animal Science in 1986, (UPM).
• Full Professor in Animal Science from 2005 at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas (UPM).
• Head of Department of Agriculture (UPM), from 2014- at present.

Teaching experience:

33 years teaching Animal production systems, Nutrition, feedstuff evaluation (non- ruminant species).

Other merits:

• Vice-president and member of the Executive Board of the World Rabbit Science Association (WRSA) from 2004-2008. President of the Spanish Rabbit Science Association (ASESCU) from 2004 to 2008. Constituting member of the EGRAN (European Group on Rabbit Nutrition) from 1991 to 2016.
• Associated Editor (Nutrition Section) and member of Editorial Committee the Journals Annales du Zootecnie/ Animal Research (1999-2003) and Animal Feed Science and Technology from 2007-2012).
• Expert in several evaluation committees of national research projects in competitive calls (Ministry of Science and Technology, CICYT), and in the National Agency of Evaluation for grants of incorporation of researches.
• Responsible of Animal Production area in the National Agency for Research Project Evaluation (ANEP), from 2012 to 2014.
• Expert in the panel of Engineering for teaching stuff accreditation (ANECA from 2008-2012). Member of committee for teaching stuff accreditation in Pais Vasco, Spain (UNIBASQ from 2013-2015).

Publications and research lines:

The scientific activity dealt mainly the field nutrition, working in several subjects as: requirements (energy, protein and amino acids), feed evaluation, digestive physiology, caecal metabolism. The latest researchers studied the relationship between nutrition (fibre, protein, and additives) and intestinal health (control of intestinal microbiota and mucosal barrier mechanism as immune system) using a multidisciplinary approach in collaboration with national and international microbiologist and immunologist.

Main financial support

National co-ordinator of the UE research program FAIR3 1651 "European harmonization of rabbit feed evaluation".Participant as National Expert to the UE program COST 848 "Multi-facetted research in rabbits". Main responsible of national research projects CICYT in competitive calls (from 1999, 2002, 2005) and participant in 10 calls.


Coauthors of 59 SCI papers, (h= 22, n of citations 1200), 25 chapters of books in international (CABi) and national editorials and other 85 scientific and technical publications.

Recents publications

• Delgado, R., Abad-Guamán, R., De la Mata, E., Menoyo, D., Nicodemus, N., García, J., Carabaño, R. 2017. Effect of dietary supplementation with arginine and glutamine on the performance of rabbit does and their litters during the first three lactations. Animal Feed Science and Technology
• Villamide, M. J., Llorente, A., Garcia, A. I.,Carabaño, R. 2016. Nitrogen and amino acid ileal and faecal digestibility of rabbit feeds predicted by an in vitro method. Animal Feed Science and Technology 219: 210-215.
• Abad-Guamán, R., R. Carabaño, M. S. Gómez-Conde, J. García. 2015. Effect of type of fiber, site of fermentation, and method of analysis on digestibility of soluble and insoluble fiber in rabbits. Journal of Animal Science 93: 2860-2871.
• Abad, R., M. A. Ibáñez, R. Carabaño, J. García. 2013. Quantification of soluble fibre in feedstuffs for rabbits and evaluation of the interference between the determinations of soluble fibre and intestinal mucin. Animal Feed Science and Technology 182: 61-70.
• Trocino, A., J. García, R. Carabaño, G. Xiccato. 2013. A meta-analysis on the role of soluble fibre in diets for growing rabbits. World Rabbit Science 21: 1-15.
• Villamide, M. J, Garcia, A. I., Llorente, A, Carabaño R. 2013. Ileal vs. faecal amino acid digestibility in concentrates and fibrous sources for rabbit feed formulation. Animal Feed Science and Technology 182:100-110.
• de Blas, J.C., S. Chamorro, J. García-Alonso, P. García-Rebollar, A.I. García-Ruiz, M.S. Gómez-Conde, D. Menoyo, N. Nicodemus, C. Romero, Carabaño, R. 2012. Nutritional Digestive Disturbances in Weaning Rabbits. Animal Feed Science and Technology 173:102-110.
• Chamorro S., C. de Blas, G. Grant, I. Badiola, D. Menoyo, Carabaño, R. 2010. Effect of dietary supplementation with glutamine and a combination of glutamine-arginine on intestinal health in 25-d-old weaned rabbits. Journal of Animal Science 88:170-180.
• Nicodemus N., Redondo R., Pérez-Alba L., Carabaño R., De Blas C., García J. 2010. Effect of level of fibre and type of grinding on the performance of rabbit does and their litters during the first three lactations. Livestock Science 129: 186-193.
• Gómez-Conde, M.S., Pérez de Rozas A., Badiola I., Pérez-Alba L., de Blas C., Carabaño R., García J. 2009. Effect of neutral detergent soluble fibre on digestion, intestinal microbiota and performance in twenty five day old weaned rabbits. Livestock Science 125: 192-198.
• Carabaño R., Badiola I., Chamorro S., García J., García-Ruiz A.I., García-Rebollar P., Gómez-Conde M.S., Gutiérrez I., Nicodemus N., Villamide M.J., de Blas J.C. 2008. New trends in rabbit feeding: Influence of nutrition on intestinal health. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 6: 15-25.
• Gómez-Conde, M. S., García J., Chamorro S., Eiras P., Rebollar P.G., Pérez de Rozas A., Badiola I., de Blas C., Carabaño R. 2007. Neutral detergent-soluble fiber improves gut barrier function in twenty-five-day-old weaned rabbits. Journal of Animal Science 85: 3313-3321.


Nutrición Animal. Dpto. Producción Agraria. ETSI Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas. UPM.


Calle Senda del Rey, 22, Madrid, España